Century City


Contrary to what its name implies, Century City is a large neighborhood spread over an area of 176 acres in the Westside area of Los Angeles County. Located outside Downtown LA, Century City also contains a large business district that provides employment to many people living in LA County. The skyline of Century City is full of skyscrapers that provide this neighborhood a distinct identity.


It is interesting to note that the neighborhood called Century City was developed on the area behind the film studio of 20th Century Fox and hence the name Century City. The first building was constructed in Century City in the year 1963. The backbone of the economy of this Los Angeles County neighborhood is Westfield Shopping Center. Of course, there are Fox Studios and many other business towers in this neighborhood. 


As far as boundaries are concerned, Century City is bordered by Beverly Hills to the east, Santa Monica Boulevard to the north, Century Park West to the west, and Pico Boulevard to the south. This neighborhood has an area of 0.70 sq miles and boasts a population of 5,513. According to an estimate, the daytime population of Century City easily crosses 50,000 because of the presence of so many offices here. Majority of the residents of Century City are whites, Asians, Latinos, and blacks also have a sizeable population in this neighborhood.


Century City is considered an upscale neighborhood of Los Angeles County. This is also reflected in its high median household income which stands at $111,135. Even though the population of Century City thins down by nearly 90% during evenings, you would not find this neighborhood wanting in terms of infrastructure. In fact, towering buildings, luxury shopping centers, and upscale restaurants create a thriving retail scene for the residents of this neighborhood. In fact, they can be seen enjoying a vibrant nightlife within the sprawling Westfield shopping center.

If one looks at the real estate scene of Century City, he finds that this neighborhood has clearly been divided into two specific areas called North and South. While Century City North contains most of the retail centers, offices, and entertainment areas, it is Century City South that has been reserved for multifamily homes, hotels and Fox Studios.

From the small size of this neighborhood, it is surprising for many when they find as if they are inside a large city. With most of the residents being highly educated, the atmosphere is urban and very classy. In fact, a cluster of high rise buildings and the magnificent Westfield Shopping Center give this neighborhood a very sleek and urban look.


Median home value in Century City is close to a million dollars. It stands at $977,602, which is only to be expected with the upscale nature of this neighborhood of Los Angeles County. Even these high property prices are no obstacle for the residents of Century City as they enjoy high household income. If you are looking for a totally urban lifestyle full of comfort and luxury, Century City is a wonderful option for you. Sunny weather conditions, high income per capita, high graduation rates, and access to world class amenities make Century City a preferred destination for young professionals and families.

Three different zip codes overlap the area of Century City. These are 90025, 90064, and 90067. Median prices of condominiums in zip codes 90025 and 90064 are roughly equal, standing at $773,000 and $747,000. However, if you wish to buy a condo in zip code 90067, you have to shell out considerably higher amount of money. Here, median condo prices are $1.142 million. 


Century City is sometimes referred to as mini downtown of the Westside. And this image has been built not just because of the skyscrapers and shopping malls in Century City. With 154 shops, 87 restaurants, and 48 banks, you hardly need to move out of this neighborhood for your daily requirements. There are 13 fitness centers, 9 grocery stores, and 10 nightlife options to allow you to live a cool and relaxed oli8festyle in this urban and upscale community of Los Angeles County. If it is good for professionals, it is equally good for families with so much to do and enjoy.

Century City is considered excellent for those who do not like to take out their car for their daily requirements. Every single amenity is within walking distance for the residents. Public transportation is wonderful, and it is likely to become even more impressive once the proposed subway extension reaches Century City. It would mean that downtown LA would be within the reach of the residents of Century City without having to fight the traffic on Pico and Olympic.

 Century City is a quiet and peaceful neighborhood of L.A with comparatively low crime rates. Therefore, it is considered highly safe place to live and raise your family.

If one looks at the imposing towers in Century City today, it is hard to believe it was once just a place to make movies for Fox Studio. Today, it is a bustling neighborhood where thousands of workers from all over L.A come to work. It is during weekends that Century City dons its true colors. It looks pretty, quiet, and peaceful with tree lined streets and beautiful single-family homes.


If you are interested in knowing about the life and culture of Century City, it is totally dominated by the shopping mall called Westfield Shopping Center. This shopping mall is not huge, but it is certainly upscale with 50 world class shops, many restaurants, and a captivating grocery store. If you are hungry for more, you can get to wonderful dining options in West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Sawtelle in just a few minutes using your car.

There is no public school inside Century City. However, you need not worry about the education of your school going kids as the neighborhood boasts of two high quality private schools. You can also choose to send your kids to excellent public schools in Beverly Hills and other areas of Los Angeles County. In fact, Moreno High School and Beverly Hills High Schools are just 0.39 miles from Century City.

Century City is very neat and clean and provides a very relaxed atmosphere to its residents. There is a certain homely feel to the neighborhood which is loved by the people of Century City. With highly educated people around, kids get a wonderful atmosphere for studies. They also get lots of opportunities for fun and recreation in the public parks of this neighborhood. With average summer temperature lying around 67 degrees Fahrenheit, residents of Century City can enjoy multiple outdoor activities.

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